band bio

DECYPHER are a 5 piece metal band from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Their music is a combination of driving thrash metal riffs, shredding technical guitar solos, hardcore breakdowns and catchy nu-metal inspired anthem like choruses.

In early 2006 DECYPHER slaved over a hot studio to record their first EP entitled MIND CONTROL which can be found in the music section. Since then DECYPHER have played a number of live shows, recuited a new lead guitarist, and performed for the Queen in England. The Queen was rumored to have yelled out "You guys f**kin' rawk!" but that can't be substantiated.

DECYPHER now plan to enter the studio to record new material for their next EP while simultaneously taking over the Melbourne live metal scene. How can they achieve both at once I hear you say? Well you'd better get down to one of their gigs to witness the multitasking in action for yourself. If you'd like to know more about each individual then take a look at the member bios accessable via the menu above.

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